3 Videos for Healthcare

From  Response of the Resilient  , our Nurses’ Week film.

From Response of the Resilient , our Nurses’ Week film.

With the many healthcare focused brands we work with, the goal is nearly always to humanize, create connection, and develop trust. Here are 3 types of video content you can begin to create now to help with all three.

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#1 - Profile Film

#1. The faces behind the brand. Tell a day-in-the-life story of a doctor, nurse, administrator, etc. Avoid the hard sell of what they do for the patient, but instead show their human side. Consider filming home life, their kids, coffee stop on the way to work, and then their patient interactions. You remind the viewer that your caregivers know what real life is like and therefore carry unique empathy.

Start with selecting a few “talent'“ options from among employees. Sit down and do a pre-interview with them; ask about their interests outside of work, what inspired them enter this field, what does their family think about what they do, etc.

Next, schedule 2 days for filming. Day 1 will be the interview, Day 2 will be to capture associated visual story.

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#2 - Added Value Film

#2. Every brand is now a content creator and those that aren’t are starting to get left behind. Engage your audience through videos that are both entertaining and add value to the lives of the viewer.

Here are some videos to consider creating; tips on nutrition, health focused fitness, home/vehicle safety, pre/post op instructions, and more.

First, pick a category relevant to your brand - think of four to five aspects you can focus on individually. Make a single video (:30-1:30) about each aspect. Film all during the same production and create a strategy for rolling out each video in the campaign.

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#3 - Bite Size Films

#3. When it comes to social media, you can never have enough micro content at the ready. Consider spending a day of filming to capture unscripted, useful visuals. This could be beauty shots of architecture, medical devices, staff, rooms, and more. This content can be montaged together for website backgrounds, add voice over to create an instant commercial, or even a singular interesting shot can be used as a great post on instagram.

Before you know it, you’ll have your own library of custom-to-you stock footage and can churn out high quality content with ease.

Dustin Schultz